Centre for Philanthropy

For over 20 years now, we have been actively contributing to the development and cultivation of giving in Slovakia.

Many people can create and be the bearers of change, but they often lack the means. For this reason, we have decided to seek and inspire donors to donate their resources to people who can achieve positive changes and make this world a better place.


We help active individuals, initiatives, non-governmental organisations and companies. We connect those in need of resources with those who have the potential to provide them. Together we bring solutions to society’s problems.

Philanthropic strategy and grant programme management

We advise companies and individuals who want to donate their financial resources, time, energy or skills, on how to give. We develop their efforts to provide resources in a targeted and long-term manner.

Development of donating by individuals

We support the development of fundraising and donating by individuals. We develop tools that simplify the path of donations from donors to recipients and streamline donating processes.


Education and support for civil society

Strengthening non-governmental non-profit organisations and their position in society, promoting the idea of participatory democracy and increasing citizen participation in decision-making in public affairs have long been part of our mission.

Our projects


The gateway into the world of online giving

We created and have operated the largest donation system in Slovakia, the website DARUJME.sk, since 2012. It now allows hundreds of organisations to accept both one-time and regular donations from individual donors via their website, without the need for additional coding or contracts with banks. Our goal is to make it easier for organisations to accept donations while providing donors with a simple and secure way to support proven non-profits. The system was created to make it easier for non-governmental organisations to accept online donations.


Crowdfunding platform for public benefit projects

Since 2015, StartLab has offered a unique space for securing funding for various types of public benefit projects and activities. People can support these projects through campaigns and select one of the interesting rewards. Since its inception, StartLab has helped raise funds for hundreds of projects. It is the first platform based on the principle of reward crowdfunding, which has managed to succeed in Slovakia. On our website, there are mainly campaigns for local which means that supporters contribute mostly to improving the quality of life in Slovakia.

European Community Foundation Innitiative

In 2016, we started implementing the ECFI project in partnership with the Bundersverband Deutscher Stiftungen in Berlin, Germany.

The project is a European umbrella initiative that focuses on the development of the movement of community foundations. As part of the project, we administer the cfpracticelab.org website. We work with community foundations and different support organisations primarily through the support and facilitation of education, awareness-raising and empowerment. ECFI also maps and analyses community foundation activities and disseminates information that facilitates the development in this area.

Our story

We are a non-profit organisation with extensive experience in consulting in the field of social investment and the implementation of donation and development programmes. We advise local and foreign partners on different issues, ranging from education, the social field to community development and civic activism.

We are one of the largest granting organisations in Slovakia. Our beginnings date back to 1992. Time has provided us with an in-depth look at the non-profit sector and the needs of the people it serves. We cooperate with foundations, non-investment funds, non-profit organisations, companies and individuals. Through practical activities, we support and develop philanthropic and charitable behaviours and contribute to the debate on creating a suitable legal and tax environment for donating and civil society.

We support good practice in the activities and management of foundations and corporate philanthropy. We connect different environments and facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation in the implementation of public benefit goals.


Strong non-profit sector

Strengthening non-governmental non-profit organisations and their position in society.

Trust and solidarity

Disseminating values and models of donation, charity and volunteering, which are an expression of solidarity and understanding between citizens as well as the public and private sectors.

Active civil society

Promoting the ideas of participatory democracy and helping increase citizen participation in decision-making on issues of public interest.


Centre for Philanthropy

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    Centrum pre filantropiu n.o.
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    318 218 71
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    2021 715 740
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    A non-profit organisation providing services of general interest according to Act. No 213/97. Registered by the Regional Office in Bratislava, in the Register of Non-Profit Organisations of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, no. OVVS-530/49/2002-NO.

Foundation of Centre for Philanthropy

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    Nadácia Centra pre filantropiu
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    422 628 01
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    2023 793 101
  • Legal form:
    Foundation registered in the Register of Foundations of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic no. 203 / Na-2002/1025.

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